The DMG1000 Gateway allows for a well planned, phased migration to an IP network, making it a smart solution for enterprises looking to enhance their legacy equipment with new VoIP access & applications.


The Dialogic 1000 Media Gateway Series (DMG1000 Gateways) allows for a well-planned, phased migration to an IP network, making the gateways a smart solution for enterprises looking to enhance their legacy PBX equipment with new VoIP access and applications. Connected between a PBX or a digital handset and a LAN or WAN, the DMG1000 Gateways convert proprietary digital PBX messages into a format suitable for transmission over standard IP networks.

The DMG1000 Gateways provide a simple, cost-effective transition to voice and data convergence for enterprises with PBXs. Connected externally, they offer an IP solution that works with current legacy equipment. They support SIP-based applications as well as T.38 for fax transmissions over IP (FoIP).

The DMG1000 Gateways can be used to connect IP telephones to a legacy PBX, integrate network-hosted applications with the PBX, extend the PBX to branch offices, and integrate various voice and call processing capabilities in an enterprise LAN or WAN environment. Using exclusive PBX network interfaces (emulating), these media gateway appliances provide exceptional IP to PBX integration capabilities to protect an investment in legacy telecom equipment.

Key Features

Suitable for small to medium enterprises and easy to install, configure, and maintain
Compatible with a variety of popular PBX manufacturers including Avaya, NEC, Nortel, and Siemens.

Protects investment in legacy telecommunications equipment and allows a controlled migration to IP technology

Support for IP load balancing and IP fault tolerance

Allows the ability for inbound (TDM-to-IP) calls to round-robin between available media servers and automatically routes calls away from unresponsive media or proxy servers

Seamless interoperability with Dialogic PowerMedia  HMP Software

Provides the option for customers to build enhanced applications on top of base gateway and PBX functions

Supports configuration via serial, telnet, and a web browser including context-sensitive help

Easy to install, configure, debug, and maintain

IP security features include TLS, SRTP, and HTTPS

Enables secure communications for SIP messages via TLS, for media stream via SRTP, and for web interface via HTTPS

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Refer to the documents listed below for specific details on Dialogic 1000 and 2000 Media Gateway Series.

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