Using the Zulu 3 clients requires the installation of Zulu Server 3, which is now generally available.

Platforms Supported

Zulu 3 Client is currently supported on the following platforms:

Download Zulu

Download Desktop Client

Download the current desktop application for your given platform.

Installing the Desktop Client

Install on Windows

Click the Zulu-3.x.x.exe file you downloaded.

Wait while we install the applications

After installation it will prompt you to login. 

Install on MacOS

Double click on the Zulu-3.x.x.dmg file you downloaded

Drag Zulu into the Application Folder

Open Zulu by clicking on the Zulu icon in Launchpad

Install on Linux

Simply download the Linux archive, extract, and run the "zulu" binary.

tnelson@dlhtimws ~ $ cd Downloads
tnelson@dlhtimws ~/Downloads $ tar -xzf zulu-3.0.0-alpha9.tar.gz 
tnelson@dlhtimws ~/Downloads $ cd zulu-3.0.0-alpha9/
tnelson@dlhtimws ~/Downloads/zulu-3.0.0-alpha9 $ ./zulu 

Logging In On the Desktop

To login use the following information:

User: Username used to login to UCP @ Fully Qualified Domain of the PBX.  This must be a valid FQDN that is also used with your SSL certificate that you have enabled on your PBX as Zulu only communicates across SSL for security and requires a valid certificate not a self signed certificate.

Password: Password the user uses to login to UCP and Voicemail (typically, digits).