Flexible Deployment Options


Carrier Hardare Appliance

Enterprise Hardware Appliance


Virtual Machine (Software Only)


Virtual Machine + D150 External Hardware Network Device.


Virtual Machine Ready




Lower Price





VM Hybrid


VM Model is perserved


Sangoma Exclusive





Easy to use WebGUI


Documentation built in


Dashboard Stats




VI and EMACS in the Browser



Simple Licensing


Simple  and Predictable


Media Anchoring and Complex Calls


PBX Isolation


SIP-X and Ezuce



Advanced XML Routing and Database Support


Database Support


Per Message Routing and Header Manipulation


Advanced Networking


Load Balancing and Least Cost Routing


Media Server and Transcoding


Configurable Load Limit Messages

What separates the Sangoma SBC from others is that when this threshold is reached the 
SBC will reply with a SIP 503 Service Unavailable message which tells the originator to try an alternate destination.
In other SIP appliances once the CPU threshold reaches a certain point the traffic is disrupted by means of calls 
dropping, loss of RTP (if media is flowing through), or registrations becoming corrupted.


Configurable Load Limit Message