Toll-free telephone numbers allow your callers to reach you without the caller incurring a long-distance charge for the call. Toll-free numbers begin with 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, or 888.

You can purchase new toll-free numbers in SIPStation or port-in a toll-free number that you already own. If porting, please follow the instructions in our guide to Number Porting.

How it Works

Toll-free service is designed to be an inbound-only service and is not guaranteed to provide any outbound calling, including, without limitation, 911 services.

With SIPStation, unlike with some other providers, toll-free numbers do not need to "forward" or "point" to another number.

In order to gain access to purchasing toll-free numbers, you need to have a SIPStation account and be logged in. Toll-free numbers are not available in SIPStation Free Trial accounts. You would need to upgrade to a full account to obtain toll-free DIDs.

Toll-free service is a prepaid, metered service. When callers call your toll-free number, you will be charged for the call. This per-minute fee is withdrawn from the funds in your "Top-Up" account as described in our "How Metered Service Works" wiki. You can adjust your top-up settings to change the top-up amount (minimum $25) and low balance limit (minimum $5).

If Top-Up is not yet enabled on your SIPStation account, it will automatically become enabled when you purchase your first toll-free DID. This means that a top-up charge (minimum $25) would be placed on your account when purchasing your first toll-free number. (Purchasing multiple toll-free numbers will not result in multiple top-up charges.)

If Top-Up is already enabled, and the available funds in your top-up account exceed the low balance limit, then you would not be charged a top-up fee when purchasing a toll-free number.


Since inbound calls to your toll-free numbers are charged on a per-minute basis, they do not count as a concurrent call for your trunks. In other words, if you have two trunks and have 5 inbound calls on your toll-free number at the same time, you are still not using any of your unlimited trunks, so you can still make or receive two normal calls.



How to Obtain a New Toll-Free Number

Please see our wiki Adding Services or DIDs to Your Existing Account for instructions on selecting and purchasing new toll-free numbers in the SIPStation Store.