Commercial Module


The Class of Service (CoS) module provides granular control at the extension level to access and set permissions of specific calling features of your PBX.

A "class of service" defines which PBX features are enabled or disabled for its members. You can assign one or more members to the class of service.

You can create more than one class of service. An individual extension can be assigned to more than one class of service. In case of conflict, an Allow privilege normally overrides Deny. (This can be changed in the Advanced Settings module).

Extensions that are not assigned to a class of service will have full access privileges.

Logging In

Creating a Class of Service (CoS)

Click the Add new CoS button.

Adding Members

You will be taken to the Members tab, where you can decide which extensions to include in this class of service. You can come back to this tab at any time.

To add members, move members from the "Exclude" list to the "Include" list.

A single member can belong to more than one class of service. If a member is allowed to dial a certain destination in one class of service but is denied in another, the "allow" will win. The system checks everything until it finds an "allow." If it doesn't find an "allow," then the extension is denied the privilege.

Defining Access Privileges

You can click on any tab at the top to manage which features can be dialed by the members of the class of service.

Depending upon what is installed on your system, the possible categories are ( note that some items will not show until you add them. For instance if you not created any conferences, you will not seem them here) :

By default, everything is allowed. You can move individual items to the "Deny" list as necessary.

For example, denying access to an international outbound route:

When you're done press the "Create" button and your new COS has been created. Press the "Apply Config" button at the top of the page and your changes will be active.


When finished, click the Submit button, then click the Apply Config button.

Editing a Class of Service

You can add/remove members, or allow/deny different features at any time by visiting an existing Class of Service and making changes.

Click the edit button  next to a Class of Service in the module home screen. (Or, choose a different Class of Service from the right side navigation menu if you are already viewing a Class of Service.)

Make changes as desired.

When finished, click the Submit button, then click the Apply Config button.

Deleting a Class of Service

When deleting a Class of Service, its members will have all privileges restored to "Allow" unless the members belong to a different Class of Service with certain privileges set to "Deny."

To delete a Class of Service: