Commercial modules are only supported on the Official FreePBX Distro. Not sure if you have the official distro? Please see:

Commercial module licenses are purchased for a specific Deployment ID. Licenses cannot be moved from one Deployment ID to another. Before you continue, be sure your PBX system is registered, and please take note of its Deployment ID number. The following wiki contains registration instructions:


Purchasing Commercial Modules for your FreePBX system is easy and only takes a minute.

Purchasing Commercial Modules

  1. Log into the Portal at If you do not have an account, please see How to Create a Portal Account.

    Forgot your password? Click the I forgot my password link if you need assistance.

  2. Click on the Store option in the left side menu.

  3. Click the FreePBX Software tab in the horizontal row of green tabs. This will take you to the Software Bundles category by default.

  4. Choose a Commercial Modules category from the tabs at the left. In our example, we will pick the Commercial Modules category.

  5. To filter the results, choose a subcategory from the tabs at the left. In our example, we will pick the 25 Year Licenses subcategory.

  6. You can click on any item to learn more about it.  A pop up with description will open up. Press X to close the pop up.

  7. Find the individual commercial modules or bundles you would like to purchase, and add them to your cart.

    1. Use the up/down arrows to adjust the quantity of each item, if needed.

    2. Add the item to your shopping cart by clicking the Add to Cart button below

    3. Repeat the process for other commercial modules or bundles. You can also shop other sections of the store, such as hardware and support packages, and add those items along with commercial modules.

Checkout Process

Using Your New Modules

If you paid by credit card, your new module licenses are immediately applied to the Deployment ID(s) you selected. If you used any other payment option besides a credit card, your licenses will be active after we receive and process your payment.

You will not receive a serial number, keycode, or download link. Instead, there are just a few easy steps to begin using your newly licensed software. You'll need to update the license file on your PBX and ensure the module is installed.

 Follow this guide to begin using your new modules:

Installing Purchased Commercial Modules