Below is an outline of the FreePBX Distro 1.8xx.210.62 Stable Releases based on

FreePBX 2.10
Asterisk 10.x
Centos 5.8

This release has been end of life and does not have any upgrade path to a newer release track due to a limitation of Centos 5 to Centos 6 providing no upgrade path.  Please use the FreePBX backup and restore module to backup your PBX and restore it on a newer track such as 2.210.62.  


Below is a list of upgrade scripts you can download and run to update your existing systems that are based on the 1.10xx.210.58 release track

You can check your current version by going to the sysadmin module or from the Linux CLI do a;

cat /etc/asterisk/freepbxdistro-version

All upgrades need to be installed in numeric ascending order.