The Appointment Reminder module is a unique way to automate Appointment Reminders. By simply specifying names and numbers to be called, the PBX will automatically call at specified times and allow recipients to confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments. The module gives you the flexibility to control all details of the calls from; concurrent rates to retry attempts and days ahead to notify. You have the ability to load a CSV list of numbers to call, or even add numbers and names manually. On the fly modifications can be made to any Appointment Reminder list.

Appointment Reminders 

When clicking on the “Appointment Reminder” module in your PBX admin GUI you will see the following.

On the left we see the status of any Reminders we created and we can also set the Maximum Calls, so that all reminders combined will not exceed at any one time.

On the right we see the following:

Add a Reminder

Click on the “Add a Reminder” option on the right.

Press the “Save” button when done and you'll be directed to the Manage Recipients page for this reminder.

Manage Recipients

First we we need to create a CSV file. We use excel or some other editor to create our file in this format.

Once saved as a CSV, we will select “Choose File” and then select our newly created CSV. Once it is selected we can choose our action which will be the default of appending to an existing list.

We can now select “Upload." If we created our CSV properly we will now see the following data populate under the “Recipient List” section.

Since we properly formatted our CSV, we see that all the names, numbers and appointment data is correct! However, we now remember that we forgot to add one recipient to our list. We can easily add that recipient in the “NEW” field. Simply click “Save” after inputting the additional recipient information.


When done press the “Generate” button and a CSV report will be generated that you can download.