Below are instructions to convert a AsteriskNOW 3.0.X Distro to the new AsteriskNOW 5.211.65 with its Administrative GUI provided by and supported by FreePBX. This will not work for virtual setups using OpenVZ. It will only work on a true hardware box install or KVM virtual setup. Once completed, your server should be no different from a stock brand-new install of the AsteriskNOW 5.211.65 Distro.

AsteriskNOW 3.0.X Conversion Script

Download the AsteriskNOW 3.0.X Conversion Script

The conversion script above will set your PBX as the 5.211.65-13 version.

Executing the Conversion Script

  1. Download the conversion script onto your PBX in the /tmp directory.

    cd /tmp
  2. Make the conversion script executable.

    Replace the script name with the actual one you downloaded.
    chmod +x
  3. Run the conversion script and sit back and have a beer. This will take a while.

    Replace the script name with the actual one you downloaded.
  4. Once the conversion has completed, you should have a fully functioning AsteriskNOW 5.211.65-13 OEM version of FreePBX Distro.

  5. Once the conversion has completed make sure you install any available upgrade scripts to keep updated your 5.211.65 track with the latest Minor Release Revision.

  6. If you run into any problems, please create a post in the FreePBX Community forum.


AsteriskNow is a registered Trademark of Digium, Inc.