Please note that when configuring Phones for Cloud instances there are a few things we want to keep in mind.

We need to log into the pbx and go into System Admin and make sure that under provisioning protocols that we set HTTP Authentication to Both.

We should also note the Http username and password listed below the above section.

Next step is to log into Endpoint Manager and we want to create a new template for the model phone in question. 

Once we have the brand of phones set we can create templates as shown below.

We also need to create extensions and we would want to make sure we have the mac address for the phones that will be associated with the extensions. 

We will go into the extension module edit / create a new extension and fill in all information then navigate to the other tab within the extension and 

Once you're in the other tab select brand / template and phone model and enter the MAC address of the phone you plan on using.

After the above has been completed you can do one of two things. you can now log into your non sangoma phone and put in the sip credentials to register the phone based on the manufacturer. For a list of supported phone models and how to configure you can go to the following link

EPM-Supported Devices

For Sangoma phones you can setup the redirection / zero touch provisioning by doing the following.

  1. Log into
  2. click on products
  3. click on Phones and a new screen will pop up. you can enter the mac address of the phone your trying to provision. The pictures below show the place where you can look up your phone mac and the next one shows you where you will set the deployment ID of your pbx for the redirection.


Make sure to check Enable Redirection and then set redirection type to Deployment and then for Deployment you would just add the Deployment ID of your PBX.