A Management Information Base (MIB) is a scheme that contains the hierarchical order of all of the managed objects. Each managed object in an MIB has a unique identifier. The identifier includes the type (such as counter, string, gauge, or address), access level (such as read/write), size restrictions, and range information of the object. The MIB is extensible, which means the manufacturer can append information to an object to extend the tree as much as needed. These new MIB definitions must be added both to the SNMP Agent and to the SNMP Manager.

VEGA supports Enterprise/private SNMP MIB.

Please find the VEGA SNMP MIB file that is recommended to use in order to get proper VEGA SNMP related. Please Download the same from here - VEGA SNMP MIB File

SNMP MIB consists of multiple OID's that mainly identifies object values.

Object Identifiers

An Object Identifier is the identification value of an object that is defined in a MIB. Object identifiers are arranged in a hierarchical tree structure that is compliant with Internet standard and that consists of roots and branches.

An object identifier is written as a sequence of sub-identifiers, starting with the tree root, in dotted decimal notation.

The OID has been reserved for VEGA. This identifies the VEGA and would be the identifier for enterprise MIBS.

The following is a sample full list of MIB objects available on a VEGA - VEGA SNMP MIB OBJECT LIST