Each widget must be initially configured in the Queue Wallboard module -  in it you will found two basic tabs:

UCP Widgets

In this tab you will see a list of all configured widgets, and two buttons: Delete Selected and Create Widget.

The "Create Widget" button will allow you to configure a group of widgets with the information that each user will require.

When the process of "Create Widget" began it will show a modal like this:

In which you will observe some options that are always present:

For additional information about each widget please see Queue Wallboard Widget Definitions

Remote Servers

When you press the "Add Server" button, a modal screen will appear and ask for information about the remote system:

User Management Control

The User Management Module controls which Queue Wallboard widgets a user will be able to add as a widget in UCP.

Now you will find that in your User Management (per user) appears the "Queue Stats" tab in which you will see two option to set:

Enable Queue Stats Access:

Which help you to enable this option to appear in the UCP panel to add widgets of this type or maintain disable the option for the current user. If this option is "NO" then the next option can not be setted and appears like a disabled option.

Allowed Queue Stats Widgets:

In this option you can select which Queue Stats widget will appear in the UCP "Add Widget" dialog.