Keeping your PBXact system up to date is an important aspect of maintenance. Fortunately, this is a relatively straightforward process. Of course with any software upgrade on a production system, you will want to ensure that you have a current full backup before proceeding. Also, you'll need to be on a current Peace of Mind Plan support contract (POMP) to upgrade your PBXact system. See the How to Purchase Support Credits wiki for more information on how to purchase POMPs.

  1. The very First step is to determine your starting point (current version). This can be done one of two ways. As you can see in our example, both methods report this system as being version 10.822.210.62-1. 

    1. One method is to use the CLI command cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version which should reveal results similar to the following screenshot:

    2. The other method is to view the version via the GUI by going to Admin --> System Admin. You should see something similar to the following screenshot:

  2. The Next step would be to visit the Firmware Releases wiki page to determine your upgrade path. All PBXact versions are released in tracks. All major upgrades are done at the beginning of a track. Then minor releases for bug fixes and small improvements are done with each version release within the track. For example, if your system is at 10.820.210.62-1, a review of the Firmware Releases would indicate the next version to be 10.820.210.62-2, followed by 10.821.210.62-1 and so on.
  3. Upgrades can be performed either via CLI or GUI. It is really a matter of personal preference as to which method to use.

    1. Using the CLI to perform PBXact system upgrade is accomplished with the following command --> /usr/sbin/sysadmin_update_system 
    2. Using the GUI to perform PBXact system upgrade is accomplished by navigating to the Admin --> System Admin --> Updates. Start by clicking the bottom-most listed Upgrade Now button. Then wait for upgrades to complete as they are run in order automatically. Once the upgrades have been completed for your current track, the system will display upgrades for the next available track if you are not already on the currently active track. Note that occasionally you may need to click on the Updates button (far right on screen) to ensure that the last update has cleared before moving on to the next.

  4. Depending on which method you use to upgrade your PBXact system, there is any easy way to tell that your system is up to date.

    1. If you used the CLI method, simply run the cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version command shown earlier, and you will get a message like in the following screenshot:

    2. If you used the GUI method, navigate to Admin –> System Admin --> Updates and you will see a screen like the following screenshot indicating that "This system is up to date":

If you really want to see what is going on with the upgrade at a in-depth level, you can run this command on your PBX CLI:

tail -f $(find /var/log/pbx/upgrade/ -maxdepth 1 -type f -printf "%T@ %p\n" | sort -n | tail -n 1 | cut -d' ' -f 2-)



You can also set an automated schedule that will look for updates based on what you define and automatically install them. Below you can see we have our system set to look for an update "Monthly" and install it.