Sangoma University Training Courses

Sangoma University offers a comprehensive selection of both Online and Classroom technical training courses for our partners and customers. Empowering telecom administrators, service integrators, and resellers with the necessary skills and experience to deploy and maintain Sangoma solutions. Follow several distinct programs to achieve recognition of your knowledge with Sangoma Certifications.


Sangoma Online Essentials Training is Freely available to all. It’s composed of several focused videos designed to provide efficient and effective introductions to Sangoma products in a video format that easy to understand and follow. The focus is to provide the most common installation and configuration steps for operation of the Sangoma product.


The Sangoma Getting Started classroom course is designed to maximize the hands-on experience and product knowledge of our trainees. It provides direct instruction from a Sangoma knowledgeable instructor for whom will impart experience to the trainee. The focus is to provide the trainee everything needed from initial commissioning and installation to the most common feature configuration and operation.


The Sangoma Certified Trainer Program prepares and certifies trainers to deliver the Sangoma University courses on behalf of Sangoma. These trainers will present the same material that Sangoma has created and in the same manner. The program is intended for partners who have interest in working with Sangoma to train our products with the highest level of professionalism in a facility that meet our strict requirements. This program is new and starting, look to the near future for more facilities and partners offering this course.


Are you a Partner, Reseller, or Distributor and looking to become a successful Sangoma salesperson by learning the benefits of Sangoma products, what our values are to attract customers and close sales. Master Sangoma products, value added features, product integration, and more. Sales Training is part of our online courses, available to assist you.