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PBX Vega gateway module can be helpful to restoring any Vega gateway after uploading PBX Vega module generate "backup" configuration. 

This can be handy step when - 

  1. We want to change Vega gateway association from one PBX to another.
  2. We want to replace the Vega gateway HW due to some reason and want to bring up replaced unit with exactly same configuration.

The Vega Gateway configuration can be restored by uploading the PBX Vega Gateway Module generated configuration file. You cannot upload the configuration file downloaded from Vega Gateway to the PBX Vega Gateway Module.

Configuration Backup 

We can download the configuration file from the "Advanced" section from Vega configuration page. 

Dashboard → Edit Vega → Vega Configuration → Advance Section → Download Vega Config file.

Configuration Restore

During Initial association of Vega gateway with PBX Vega gateway module , we have option to upload the "backup" configuration file.  

"Advanced" section will give option to upload configuration file during the first time configuration. 


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