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When you've an automatic gate connected on this kind of device sometime you need to open or close the door using a code.
Assuming your device is 146, and code is 1234 to open or close the door, then you must dial 146, wait and dial 1234# and hangup.

The dialplan below can do it only dialing 150.

exten => 150,1,NoOp(--  Gate --)
exten => 150,n,Playback(order-gate)
exten => 150,n,dial(SIP/146,3,L(3000:1000:1000)D(1234#))
exten => 150,n,hangup()

Custom prompt
Dial 146, send 1234# and hangup call after 3 seconds.

This dialplan can be adapted for other usages as well.

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