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How it works

We have implemented a reliable outbound FAX service that we believe provides the most reliable FAX service in the VoIP industry. We assure end to end T38 delivery to our PRI connected FAX server to assure your FAXs hit the PSTN without improper transcoding and conversions. Our FAX service is delivered as a metered service at a cost of 2.4 cents per minute with 30 minutes of free service provided each month for all customers. In order to gain access to the FAX service you need to setup for metered service. The metered service works off the same "reserve account" as described under "How Metered Service Works" where you can see details on how that works.

If you are interested in obtaining this reliable outbound T38 FAX service with us, please contact our support department so we can make appropriate arrangements with you.

Today the service must be setup and maintained through our support department. We are working on changes to the store to allow self service for this but until that is in place we can work with you to obtain the service.


How much does it Cost

All customers receive 30 minutes a month of Free T38 Outbound Faxing.  All Inbound T38 faxing is part of our normal trunking service and has no separate cost associated with it.  If you exceed the 30 minutes in a single month the only way you can continue to send outbound T38 faxes is to enable Metered Services with us at the following cost;

  • 2.4 Cents per minute billed in 1 min intervals.
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