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  • XactView application has its own license system that is handled through the XactView module since it is a 3rd party software resold by Sangoma for our customers.

  • After making a purchase for XactView and getting confirmation the order has been processed you will need to login to your Sangoma Portal and locate the license key for your XactView purchase.

  • Click on the Products > PBX > List option

  • In the search bar type in the deployment ID or location name you made the purchase for

  • Click on the Edit/View icon for the deployment you want to view

  • Click on the license tab at the top

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate the XactView V3 key code and copy the license key code

  • Login to your PBX GUI now and navigate to the XactViewV3 Admin module

  • Under the activation section paste in the key code from earlier and press activate and follow the instructions in the module.
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