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Zulu is only available for FreePBX 13+

Purchase Zulu from the Sangoma Portal

  1. First, log into the Portal at If you do not have an account, please see How to Create a Portal Account.

    Forgot your password? Click the Forgot Password button if you need assistance.

  2. Then click on the Store option from the options on the top menu.

  3. Click the FreePBX Software tab in the horizontal row of green tabs. This will take you to the Software Bundles category by default.

  4. Pick Zulu UC on the left side


  5. Zulu is sold in 20 user or 1000 user packs and with the following license
    1. 1 Year- Allows you to use Zulu and Receive updates for 1 year.
    2. 25 years - Allows you to use Zulu for 25 years and receive updates for 1 year.  You will need to purchase Commercial Modules Maintenance after the 1st year to receive updates as outlined in our ToS.
  6. Add the item to your shopping cart by clicking the green  button.

  7. Your shopping cart is shown at the right of the screen.  Click on the Checkoutbutton to proceed to the payment process.

  8. Commercial module licenses need to be tied to a PBX Deployment ID. For each item that requires a deployment, you will see a "Search for deployment" drop-down menu.

    1. Click Search for deployment.

    2. Enter the Deployment ID number or name in order to find a list of matches.

    3. Select the desired deployment from the list.

      Double-check your selection, especially if you have deployments with similar names or numbers. A license cannot be moved after purchase. Your license will be assigned to the deployment you select.

  9. Select your payment method: Credit CardWire Transfer, or Check. (If paying by wire transfer or check, instructions will pop up instructing you how to proceed, and orders will not be accepted until payment is made.)


  10. Check the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions for all products and services being purchased.

  11. Click on the Process Order button to complete your transaction.

Update License

  1. Log into your PBX GUI and navigate to Go to Admin → System Admin and Click on Activation option on the right side of your screen.

  2. Press the Check, or Update License, or Update Activation button depending on what version of Sysadmin you have installed. The PBX should reach out to our license server and update your licenses to include your new Zulu License

  3. Your license should now be updated and show Zulu Expiration date along with how many users you are licensed for.

     With some routers or firewalls, you may not see the license items get updated after a few seconds, and will need to press the button a second time.

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