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SIP Message Routing allows you to route unsolicited SIP message to its destination. SIP Message Routing utilizes its own dialplan like xml control, except that it is not for call routing but SIP Message routing. sip_relay is an application to be used in the xml routing plan specifically for message routing purpose. SIP Message Routing supports SIP Notifly, Message and TR87 routing.


Creating SIP Message Routing

Setting up SIP Message Routing is a two steps process. First, we need to enable the feature from the SIP Profile. Secondly, we must create a SIP Message Routing plan to route the message.

In the following example, you will find SIP Message Routing options in a SIP Profile. To setup a SIP Message Routing:

  1. Toggle "SIP Message Routing" to "Enable"
  2. Under "Unsolicited SIP Message Routing Plan", select "Creat New Plan", alternatively, you can select an existing routing plan from the drop down list.
  3. Check the SIP Message types to apply the routing to.

If you have multiple SIP Profiles, be sure to repeat the process on applicable SIP Profiles.


If you choose to create a new routing plan, once the changes is applied, you will be able to find the name of the routing plan in the SIP Profile settings:



Switch over to "Configuration->Routing->SIP Message Routing" and you will find the routing plan, click "edit" to display the contents.



In the routing plan, a condition must exists to match with each SIP Message types that was checked in SIP Profile setting -> "Siprelay allow methods". If you seleted "Create New Plan", the routing plan content will be automatically generated. If you reuse existing routing plan, please make sure condition entrie's "expression" attribute matches with selected message types in "Siprelay allow methods".

In this routing plan, once a message type is matched, "sip_relay" appliaction is launched to route the message to the specified destination. Optionally, header manipulation on the forwarding message can be added before the "sip_relay" application.


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