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To expose all MIBs from the SBC, do the following:


1. Login to SBC, and navigate to System > Monitoring > SNMP



2. Edit > Assisted Configuration > Set to ENABLE > Save


3. View > Add > In the OID field, type: .1 > Save


The ".1" will expose all the SNMP devices

 Also, by default read and write communities forsnmpv2 are bothsangoma. You should know this to properly configure this device in in your SNMP System.

NOTE: If there is a need to configure specific OIDs, it needs to be done from the Linux OS. 

            It's possible to be configured in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf.  Any CentOS 6snmpd configuration should show an example on how to configure it.

            The important part that is worth to mention is that you'll need to ensure that in the Web GUI the "Assisted Configuration" is DISABLED, otherwise the Web GUI might interfere with the changes that you make in the file.



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