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There are a few prerequisites that must be satisfied before setting up your Sangoma Phones to use TLS/SRTP on your FreePBX install:

  • FreePBX >= 14 
  • An FQDN must be assigned and resolve properly on your PBX.
  • A commercial certificate must be properly created and installed on your PBX ( see Certificate Management User Guide )
  • insure all modules are up to date - fwconsole ma upgradeall 
  • insure your phones are using latest firmware  - Phone Firmware Release Notes

Document will assume at this point you are using pjsip only on default ports  ...

Asterisk SIP settings

and on the pjsip specific tab

  • Once the prerequisites above are met then you will start by enabling TLS/SSL/SRTP in Asterisk SIP Settings pjsip
    • Choose the Certificate to use.  Certificates are setup in Certificate Manager module on your PBX.
    • Set SSL Method to use Default
    • Set Verify Client and Verify Server to yes

      IMPORTANT NOTE: D series phones are very strict with the certificate issues, they will fail to perform the TLS handshake if the default SSL method is in use. S series won't complain on the other hand. 
      If using D series phones, make sure to set SSL method to either tlsv1_1 or tlsv1_2
      Selecting the default option here will make the phone abort the TLS handshake with the following errors: EISSUER_MISMATCH or EUNTRUSTED

Extension settings

  • Next the Extension(s) you want to enable TLS ore SRTP for, under the advanced tab of the extension, enable TLS and SRTP as seen in the example below.
    • To enable TLS set the "Transport" to to as shown below.    

    • To enable SRTP
    • Set Media Encryption to SRTP via in-SDP (Recommended)
    • Set Allow Non-Encrypted Media to No


If you phone is already setup in EPM go rebuild the config for the extensions you want to use SRTP or TLS based on the settings you changed above and reboot the phones and they will now use SRTP and or TLS based on what you have defined in the extension page for each device.


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