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The following information will guide you to upgrade the firmware on your Vega appliance.
The firmware update instructions apply to all Vega Gateway models and firmware versions.
The DSP firmware update instructions apply to only Vega firmware 11.1 and higher.

Review current Vega Version

  • Determine the firmware version of your Vega Appliance
    • version can be found from the home page after logging in to the Vega

  • Below are the latest SIP Firmware files available for your Vega Appliance. 

Download Vega Firmware Release


The latest GA Releases for Vega G-series products have an accompanying DSP release. If upgrading from 11.0 or earlier please refer to DSP firmware upgrade for instructions.


Latest 11.1 GA Release

Latest 12.0 GA Release

Vega 100G, 200G, 400G 


R11.1 S031

| Released: 2019-07-29Release Notes


| Released: 2019-11-08Release Notes

Vega 4x4

R11.1 S005

| Released: 2017-01-09Release Notes

Coming soon

Vega 3000G , Vega 3050G, 60G

R11.1 S029

| Released: 2019-04-22Release Notes


| Released: 2019-11-08Release Notes

Vega 50 Analog/BRI


R8.8 S069

| Released: 2018-01-31 | Release Notes

Vega 5000

R8.8 S052

| Released: 2016-02-18 | Release Notes

Vega 100, 200, 400 (old model)

R8.8 S049

| Released: 2015-12-21 | Release Notes

Legacy Releases

These releases are provided if a major upgrade is not desirable. We do recommend that you upgrade to the latest version.


Legacy Release

Vega 100G, 200G, 400G 


R11.0 S022

| Released: 2016-11-24 | Release Notes

Vega 4x4

R11.0 S022

| Released: 2016-11-09 | Release Notes

Vega 3000G , Vega 3050G

R11.0 S027

| Released: 2016-12-12 | Release Notes



Upgrade Vega Firmware via GUI

  • Download the firmware for your Vega from the chart in step 2 to a location of your choice

  • Unzip the file downloaded and extract the.absfile(i.e. VEGAEURO_RO88S025.abs). For Vega200G extracted file is.bin. 
    The .abs/.bin file is the actual firmware file that will be used.

  • Navigate to the Vega homepage via a web browser of your choice.  Then click on "system" located under "Expert Config" on the left panel

  • Click on the "Update" button located underneath the Upgrade section

    A window will pop up asking to backup your current system configuration. Click the 'OK' button and save to a location of your choice.  You will now be returned to the main window.  Then click on the 'Upgrade' button once more, which will bring you back to the Window below.  Select 'Cancel' (since you have already saved your configuration).:

  • Browse for the firmware file that you have saved from Step 3 and upload ( i.e.VEGAEURO_R088S025.abs) then click on the "Download" button:

    Once the upgrade process is complete, the Vega gateway will reboot itself:


  • Please do not forget to factory reset the Vega after performing the firmware update




Upgrade Vega DSP for Release 11.1 and higher


  1. VEGA firmware should be installed first as per required DSP version. 
    1. VEGA 11.0 release for DSP firmware 1.9
    2. VEGA 11.1 or higher release for DSP firmware 2.1
  2. Download the VEGA Release( file depending on DSP Firmware version, to which VEGA needs to be upgraded.
  3. VEGA 11.1+ Release package consists of two files:
    1. VEGA Firmware bin file i.e. VEGA_R1XXSXXX.bin
    2. DSP Firmware bin file i.e. vega_upgrade_X.X.X.bin
  4. Unzip VEGA Release into an arbitrary folder
  5. Upgrade VEGA Firmware as per above instructions.
  6. Upgrade Vega DSP as per below instructions.


DSP Upgrade Procedure

DSP Upgrade Procedure can be achieve via three different ways:

  1. DSP Upgrade Via GUI
  2. DSP Upgrade Via CLI
  3. DSP Upgrade Via AutoExe (automated)


It is preferred to to follow below procedure in order to Upgrade DSP:

1) Take backup of the current configuration

2) factory reset the VEGA box

3) Reboot VEGA box

4) Upgrade DSP

5) Upload the backed up configuration once DSP upgrade is successful

DSP Upgrade Via GUI

VEGA GUI provides DSP status within in a VEGA status page which provides all the information with respect to DSP status and its channel status.

If DSP Upgrade is required, then DSP Upgrade button   will emergeon to a VEGA Status page within a DSP status section.

  • Click on the "Upgrade DSP" button located within Media section in order to start with DSP Upgrade process:

  • NOTE: The above has the DSP information button that shows all the information with respect to DSP and its channel status, a DSP Status to help and a DSP Upgrade Button to start DSP Upgrade Procedure.


  • Browse for the DSP Upgrade firmware file (i.e.vega_upgrade_X.X.X.bin) that is saved and  then click on the "Download" button to start the upgrade process:
    NOTE: The DSP firmware bin file is located in the Vega 11.1 Firmare zip package.


    • If DSP Upgrade fails, the GUI will show the Download file statistics with DSP Upgrade Failure Reason as shown below:

    • If DSP Upgrade completed successfully VEGA Reboot itself with proper GUI Result as shown below:


  • Now, DSP has been upgraded and the DSP status gets "ACTIVE" as present within the Media section within Status Page as show below:


DSP Upgrade Via CLI

DSP firmware can be upgraded via CLI also.

User needs to make sure DSP Firmware bin file i.e. vega_upgrade_X.X.X.bin is present in there respective configured server(ftp/tftp) location/path so VEGA can easily download.

Please find the below set of commands that needs to be triggered on CLI in order to perform DSP Firmware Upgrade:

  • upgrade
  • download enable
  • upgrade dsp

NOTE: It is mandatory to enable download process by triggering command "download enable" else CLI dsp upgrade process can not get triggered as shown below:


If DSP Upgrade is required, VEGA will generate a WARNING on VEGA CLI to inform user that the DSP Upgrade is Required as illustrated in above image.

If the Upgrade is not successful. VEGA will prompt error message on VEGA CLI for DSP Upgrade Failure reason as shown below:



If Upgrade is successful VEGA will prompt success information over VEGA CLI as shown below:



DSP Upgrade Via AutoExe

In order to Upgrade DSP Firmware user have to add the above list of CLI commands as explained in Upgrade Via CLI section in to their respective AutoExe script.

Please find the below example of script in order to upgrade VEGA from 11.0 to 11.1 and then upgrade DSP:

download enable
download firmware <VEGA 11.1 FIRMWARE binary> reboot ifdiff
upgrade dsp

NOTE: "download firmware <VEGA 11.1 FIRMWARE binary> reboot ifdiff" is required in order to upgrade VEGA firmware from 11.0 to 11.1.


NOTE: In order to achieve DSP ACTIVE user must have to Upgrade to respective VEGA Firmware version on which respective DSP firmware version is supported to which user want to Upgrade.

DSP Downgrade Procedure

DSP Downgrade procedure is exactly same as that of DSP Upgrade procedure. Please refer to DSP Upgrade procedure in order to check for DSP downgrade process too.

Important Information

  1. DSP Downgrade from GUI as well as from CLI is possible wile Downgrading DSP version from 2.1.10/2.1.17 to 1.9
  2. DSP Downgrade from DSP Version 2.1.17 to 2.1.10 is only possible via VEGA CLI and not from VEGA GUI due to very minute changes between DSP version 2.1.10 and 2.1.17


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