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The Queues Application is designed for managers who need to see at-a-glance information about the queues on the system that they have permissions for. If you are looking for the Application that is designed to allow agents to control their login/logout/pause status, please see the RESTful Phone Apps-Queue Agents guide.

The following screenshots were taken from an S500 and S700 IP Phone.
If you have an S400 the information is applicable however the phone's Display will be in grey-scale


  • Press the Queues button on your phone.

  • With the Queues Application, you can see the following details for each queue:
    • Callers - Number of callers waiting in queue.
    • Members - Number of agents logged into the queue.
    • Hold Time - Average hold time for callers since last reset of queue stats as defined in the Queues module of your PBX GUI.
    • Completed - Number of calls that were completed to an agent since last reset of queue stats as defined in the Queues module of your PBX GUI.
    • Abandoned - Number of calls that were abandoned by the caller since last reset of queue stats as defined in the Queues module of your PBX GUI.

Viewing Details of a Queue

  • Pressing the Queues button will bring up a list of queues that you are allowed to view and manage. Pressing the Details button for any queue will bring up the details of the queue.

  • You can then press the Callers or Members button to view information about waiting callers or logged in members.

Viewing Callers Waiting in Queue

  • Pressing the Callers button for a queue will bring up a list of all callers waiting in queue.

  • Pressing the Pickup button will allow you to steal that specific caller that is highlighted out of the queue. Your phone will then ring.

Managing Agents in a Queue

  • Pressing the Members button will show you a list of all agents who are logged into the queue.

    • Any member with a "(X)" or "(+)" can be paused.
    • Any member that is currently paused will be marked with a "(P)"  and can be unpaused.
    • Any member with a "(+)" can be logged out of the queue, since they are a dynamic member.
    • Any member with a "(X)" cannot be logged out, as they are a static agent and can only be paused or unpaused.

  • Pressing the (Un)Pause button will toggle the highlighted agent between paused and unpaused.

  • Pressing the Logout button will log out the highlighted agent from the queue.

COS to Restrict Which Queues You Can See

  • If you purchased and set up Class of Service, and have restricted which queues an extension may dial, the Queues application will honor those same restrictions by showing only the queues the extension is allowed to access. Please see the Class of Service-Admin Guide for instructions on using COS.
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