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Viewing Contact Groups

  • Pressing the Contacts button will bring up a list of all contact groups created inside the Contact Manager module.

  • From here you can see there are 3 groups:
    • Employees- In this example, this is an "Internal Group".
    • Vendors- In this example, this is an "External Group".
    • User Manager- This is a default group that provides all users and cannot be deleted or modified.

Dialing Contacts

  • You can press the Select button to view the users in that group. In this example, we are selecting "Employees."

  • Now, use the up and down arrows to highlight the user you are looking for. Then, press Select.

  • From here you will see all the numbers set for this user. Highlight the one you want to call and press Dial to place the call.

  • You can also press the Details button to view more details on a user.

  • You can now view information like his or her title, company and email address.

Searching For Users

  • From the home page of the Contacts application, press the Search button.
  • Next, enter in your search criteria and press Done.

    You'll then see all of the users that start with your search criteria.

  • Complete the call or view details similar to the example above.
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