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This module is for specific phones that are capable of paging or intercom. In the paging module you can configure groups of phones so when called from the page group, they will auto answer and play the page over the speakers. This module will work with most SIP phones that are supported on the PBX.

Logging In

  • From the top menu click Applications
  • In the drop down click Paging and Intercom

General Settings

Auto Answer Announcement

By default anytime you page or intercom a phone a beep will be played. You can optionally pick a different recording (or none if you do not want a beep played).

New Paging Group

To create a new page group click on the “New Paging Group” option on the right side navigation menu.

Paging Extensions

Pick an extension number that will belong to this page group. To page a group of phones you dial this number. It can be any number from 3-11 digits.

Group Description

Here we name this page group. Example Sales.

Device List

This is where we pick which extension(s) are included in the page group. Drag extensions from the “Not Selected” group to the “Selected” group with your mouse.

We do not recommend having more then 20-25 phones in a single page group. You can also set the maximum amount of phones that can be joined to any page group in the advanced settings module of your PBX under the PagingMaxParticipants section.

Busy Extensions

If an extension is busy (such as on a call) how do you want to handle sending the page?

You can pick between:


This will skip including that extension in the page group if they are on a call.


This will send the page to the phone. In most cases the phone will ring if it is on another call instead of auto answering but some manufacturers will put the caller on hold and play the page. This is not usually a desirable outcome unless you are setting up a page group for emergencies where you want all extension(s) to play the page regardless.


In whisper mode if an extension is busy (on another call) it will play the page in the users phone but the other party on the call will not hear it. Just the user talking on that phone.


Duplex allows you to choose if the extensions you page are muted by default or not. If you enable duplex the extensions that are called in the page group will not be muted which will allow anyone to talk in the page group. Usually this will be disabled. Any user can dial *1 to unmute themselves at anytime.

Default Page Group

You can create one or more page groups to be default page groups. This allows you (when creating a new extension on the phone system) to include that extension into all default page groups. After creating an extension you do not need to go and add them to page groups.

Paging Pro

Paging Pro is an commercial module add on to normal page groups to give more advanced features for page groups.

Busy Page Groups

If a page group is in use this allows you to choose how to handle when a user tries to dial a page group when in use.

The options are:

Do Nothing

If a page group is in use when another users dials the page group they will hear a busy tone.


If a page group is in use when another user dials the page group they will be prompted to say their page. Once the page group becomes available it will take the page recorded and play it to all parties.

Force Valet

Any time someone dials the page group it will prompt them to record the page and then when the user hangs up, if the page group is not in use, it will page all the phones and play the recorded page. This is also known as Airport Style Paging.

Page Announcement

By default when dialling the page group it will play a beep tone. You can choose to have it not play any beep or any other recording you have on your PBX. This announcement will be played to all users who have been paged prior to the pager being able to talk or in the event of a Valet Page it will play before the recorded page.

CID Pre-pend

You can optionally set a caller ID pre-pend for all calls coming from this page group to any extension.

Paging Scheduler

Enable Scheduler

You can optionally set event schedules for any page group. This lets you create dates and times the page group should be automatically called by the system and it will play the recording that you have chosen in the ‘Page Announcement” section and then hang up the call. If you enable this you should now see the following options. An example use would be as a bell system for a school.

Start and End Date

Here you define a time period that by a start date and end date that the schedule will be active.


Here we define the actual time we want the page to be played and which days. Pressing the Green + icon will give you a new event row and clicking on the Trash Icon will delete that specific event.

Exclusion Dates

Exclusion dates are used to exclude specific dates that fall in the Start and End date. They are usually used for Holidays or in the event of Schools things like Teacher Service days. You use the same Green + icon to add additional excluded days and clicking on the Trash Icon will delete that specific excluded day.


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