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What is the General Settings Module used for?

The General Settings Module is a module that was used in FreePBX 2.10 and lower to set a variety of general settings.  Starting in FreePBX 2.11, the General Settings Module has been eliminated and the settings that were contained in that Module have been moved to other modules.

How Do I Get to the General Settings Module?

To access the General Settings Module in FreePBX 2.10, access the graphical user interface using a web browser.  Click on the "Settings" pull down menu at the top and then select "General Settings".

What Do Each of the General Settings Options Mean?


You can get a general description of what each option does by placing your mouse on the question mark to the right of the option (in FreePBX 2.10) or on the text of the option (in FreePBX 2.9 and earlier), and a tooltip will appear that explains the option.  Make the changes that you desire, then scroll to the bottom, click "Submit Changes," and then click the red "Apply Config" bar at the top of the screen.

There are several options that you may want to consider changing from the default:

Asterisk Dial Command Options:  r

Ringtime Default:  Your preference

Direct Dial Voicemail Prefix:   *86

Do Not Play "please leave message after tone" to caller:  Checked

Operator Extension:  Your preference

24-hour format:  No

Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls:  Yes

Update Email:  Your Preference

Note:  If you choose to "Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls," you should also create a catch-all Inbound Route called "DeadRestricted" that routes unmatched calls to "Terminate Call:Hangup."  See the instructions for the Inbound Routes Module for more details.

Where did the General Settings Options Go in FreePBX 2.11 and later?

In FreePBX 2.11, this module has been eliminated, and the settings have been moved to the Advanced Settings Module, the Module Admin Module, or the Voicemail Admin Module as indicated below:


Dialing Options/ALL -> Advanced Settings/Dialplan and Operational

Call Recording/Extension Recording Override -> ELIMINATED

Call Recording/Call Recording Format -> Advanced Settings/System Setup


Voicemail/Ringtime Default -> Advanced Settings/Dialplan and Operational

Voicemail/Direct Dial Voicemail Prefix -> Feature Codes

Voicemail/Direct Dial Voicemail Message Type -> Voicemail Admin/Dialplan Behavior

Voicemail/Voicemail Recording Gain -> Voicemail Admin/Dialplan Behavior

Voicemail/Operator Extension -> Voicemail Admin/Dialplan Behavior

Voicemail/Do not play "…" to caller -> Voicemail Admin/Dialplan Behavior

Voicemail/Voicemail VMX Locator -> Voicemail Admin/Dialplan Behavior


International Settings/Country Indications -> Advanced Settings/Dialplan and Operational

International Settings/24-hour format -> Advanced Settings/Dialplan and Operational


Security Settings/Allow Anonymous Inbound ... -> Asterisk SIP Settings/Advanced General Settings


Online Updates - > Module Admin/Frog & Shield Image (upper right)


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