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The user control panel is a way for users to control call handling and personal settings from a web browser.  You can login to the User Control Panel by pointing your browser to the IP Address of your PBX and picking the User Control Panel Option.  Administrators can login using the admin username and password that is used to access the FreePBX Administration section.  Individual users can login using their extension number and voicemail password.

This has been deprecated and is replaced by the UCP in FreePBX 12



The User Control Panel is broken into the following sections;

  • Call Monitor - Extended call logging. View a list of all calls made and received at the extension.
  • Voicemail - View, Play, Delete, File and forward voicemail messages from your web browser.
  • Conference Pro (Requires Conference Pro) - Ability to manage conference room settings for any conference rooms assigned to you as the owner.
  • Contact Directory - Add personal contacts and make them accessible via the magic button. You can add contacts directly, or import them from a database. To add a contact
  • Fax (Requires Fax Pro)-View and delete your faxes.
  • Presence (Requires Presence Management) - Manage your presence from the web.
  • Feature Codes - This is a complete list of all the feature codes enabled on the PBX.
  • Follow Me - Toggle this feature on and off. Setup follow me lists and ring times.
  • Phone FeaturesEnable settings such as call waiting, DND, Call forwarding on conditions. 

  • Settings - Configure general settings such as language, Passwords, Email notification settings and web play back options.

  • Logout - Log out of the User Control Panel
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  1. is there any way to remove the .htaccess authentication? it seems like unless I am logged in as maint for the admin page users will get this

  2. The wiki is not the place for support.  Please use the forums at