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What is the Outbound Routes Module used for?

The Outbound Routes Module is used to tell your FreePBX/Asterisk system which numbers your phones are permitted to call and which Trunk to send the calls to.

Generally, a FreePBX/Asterisk system will have a Restricted route which designates certain numbers that can never be dialed (such as 900 and 976 numbers), an Emergency route to use for routing 911 calls, and a route for ordinary calls.  A phone system might also have special routes for interoffice calls, international calls, and other special circumstances.

How is the Outbound Routes Module related to the other Modules?

The Outbound Routes module works together with the Trunks module.  The Trunks module sets up the connection between your FreePBX/Asterisk system and a remote VOIP device or system.  The Outbound Routes module then tells your system which Trunk should be used when one of your phones dials a specific number or set of numbers.

When a phone on your system attempts to dial a phone call, the number it dials is compared against the rules set in the Outbound Routes Module.  If it matches an allowed rule in the Outbound Routes Module, the call is then sent to the Trunk(s) specified in the Outbound Routes Module.  Until you set-up your Outbound Routes, you won’t be able to make any calls outside of your system, even if you have a trunk set-up.

How Do I Get to the Outbound Routes Module?

  • From the top menu click Connectivity
  • In the drop down click Outbound Routes

How Do I Use the Outbound Routes Module?

See the User Guide

See the Configuration Examples

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