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What is presence?

In the new user control panel, you will see a menu at the bottom of the page that shows your presence state as seen in the image above.

Presence allows you to control how the PBX interacts with you as a user. 

Presence gives the system and other users in  your organization a generalized status so they may respond accordingly.

Is this just a UCP thing?

Not at all this functionality is built in to the core of Asterisk and is used by many applications. These applications include but aren't limited to:

  • XactView V3
  • iSymphony V3
  • XMPP client connected to your PBX through the XMPP module.
  • RESTful Phone Apps
  • Zulu

How do I add states to the list?

These are managed by the PBX administrator using the Presence State Module

What are the state types?


 Means you are Available and around and able to take calls or chat.


Usually means you prefer to be contacted by chat only and not a phone call.


Means you are away usually for a short period of time such as at lunch or in a meeting.


"I am busy, do not bother me" – such as in a meeting.

Extended Away

Usually used when gone for long periods of time such as vacation or business meeting.


Means you generally won't show as online in a chat client.

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