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Broadcast (XactDialer) module allows you to send a message broadcasting to a predefined list of phone numbers. You can decide which message is played depending on if a human answers the call or an answering machine/voicemail.

A campaign is a set of instructions on when we should be dialing, what list of phone numbers should be included in the dial list and what messages or destinations we should be routing to (based on if the call is answered by a human or answering machine).

A call group is a list of names and numbers that any campaign can include to be called based on the campaign settings.

Logging In 

Log into the “Broadcast Module” and you will see this screen.

General Settings 

  • Settings
    • Number of Concurrent Calls- Max number of calls all running campaigns can place at anytime.

    • Maximum Retries- Number of times to try busy numbers back.
    • Report From Email- What email addresses email reports should appear to be coming from.
  • Campaign Controls
    • Start- Start all active campaigns to start dialing numbers.

    • Stop- Stop all active campaigns from dialing numbers.
  • Active Campaigns
    • Here you can view all active campaigns and toggle which campaigns are active.
    • % of calls completed for this campaign.
    • Reports allow you to download a CSV of all calls included in the campaign and the call status.

Campaign Management

On the right side we can see a list of all campaigns that have been created. Click on “Add a Campaign” to create a new one or click on any campaign to edit the campaign settings.

  • Campaign Details
    • Campaign Name- A unique name for this campaign.

    • Campaign Caller ID- What caller ID you want set for any calls from this campaign.
    • Dial Prefix- If you need to set a prefix (such as 9) before dialing the numbers, set it here.
    • Email Reports To- What email address to send reports on this campaign to.
    • Email Reports- When to send email reports on this campaign.
    • Campaign Active- If active calls will be placed from this campaign when you start the dialer.
  • Call Groups
    • Here you define which call groups should be dialed. A “call group” is a list of names and numbers that will be dialed.

    • You can pick one or more call groups to be included with this campaign.
  • Day/Time Settings
    Here you define which date and times this campaign can place calls to your selected call groups.
    • Campaign Name- A unique name for this campaign.
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