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LeadAndrew Nagy
StakeholdersBryan Walters Andrew Nagy Tony Lewis Rob Thomas PL
Due dateN/A
OwnerAndrew Nagy

Officially this release has changed versioning from 2.12 to 12. The 2.x moniker is extremely outdated. Over the past few years FreePBX has seen such substantial changes that have warranted a 3.x or 4.x and it hasn't happened. We are taking this opportunity to finally move forward with calling this release 12 and moving forward from there. The days of FreePBX 2.x are now behind us.

Overall Planned Changes

  • Asterisk 12 Related Fixes

    • Allow selection between chan_sip and chan_pjsip (Selection in Advanced settings between the two, like conferences)
      • Re-work functionality in Trunks
      • Re-work functionality in Extensions
    • Utilize Asterisk REST Framework
    • Change NoCDR to CDR_PROP(disable) (
    • Update PHP AMI Manager to Spec 2.0
    • Rework and adjust CEL & CDR functionality
    • Update parking to use res_parking.conf now instead of features.conf
  • New FreePBX Dashboard

    • Replaces System Status initial page landing.
  • Asterisk Recording Interface (Now Called User Control Panel)

  • Module Admin

    • Bring skinning and functionality up to date
    • See Module license status directly from Module Admin
    • Block and prevent installs at the module admin level based on depends
    • Allow uploading of any kind of module archive container (tar, tar.gz, zip, bzip2)
    • Allow inputing a module archive web address into module upload and have system fetch and install
    • Change GET requests to POST (for both curl and wget)
      • Change all cURL requests to use PEST
    • Check SHA1 hash instead of MD5 (if sha1 tag exists)
    • Allow selection of release track per module
    • Allow rollback of module releases up to a certain point (5 back and in same release branch)
  • CDR Reports

    • Use HTML5 jPlayer to playback audio files (Using code developed in UCP)
  • Parking Lot

    • Allow direct slot parking. (Using Blind Transfer in Asterisk 1.8+ or Blind & Attended Transfer in Asterisk 12)
  • Timeconditions

    • Allow setting a PIN to control who is allowed to override the Day/Night Settings
    • Add Ability to Invert the Day/Night BLF Button
  • Voicemail

    • Allow a user to dial into voicemail and not have to provide their voicemail password if coming from the same extension
    • VmX Locator supports temporary greeting
  • Core

    • Allow users to switch back to the old textbox Dial Patterns display through an advanced setting ("Enable The Old Style FreePBX Dial Patterns Textarea")

List of Active Issues Planned to Be Fixed in 12.0

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

List of Issues Fixed in 12.0

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

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