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  • Diva® SDK for Windows - Version 5.5 SU 5
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Created:Fri May 29 23:37:59 GMT 2015
Uploaded:Thu Jun 18 14:18:05 GMT 2015

The Dialogic® Diva® SDK 5.5 SU 5 for Windows is a software development kit for application development based on all Dialogic® Diva® Media Boards and the Diva® softIP virtual IP Media Board.
SU5 is supported for application development based on all boards. As softIP is end of support, it has not been tested with this release.

This version of the Diva SDK is designed for development in a Microsoft Windows environment. The Diva API provides flexible high level access for applications using C / C++ interfaces. The Diva Component API provides an easy access for Visual Basic applications and scripting. The Diva API for .NET allows accessing the complete functionality of the Diva API from .NET programs. Java based applications use the Java Native Interface libraries and Java Framework classes to access the Diva API.

  • Diva SDK 5.5 SU 5 for Windows supports the following APIs for Diva Media Boards, Diva softIP virtual IP Media Boards:
    • Diva API
    • Diva Component API
    • Diva API for .NET
  • The Diva SDK 5.5 SU 5 for Windows provides various features and provides IP based access for different types of applications:
    • Existing applications based on the Diva SDK will run unchanged on Diva softIP. These applications will still dial via phone numbers which are mapped to SIP or H.323 addresses and vice versa. SIP or H.323 addresses from incoming calls are either mapped to phone numbers or the Diva SDK 5.5 SU 5 for Windows extracts the number information and provides this to the application.
    • IP aware applications may dial using SIP and H.323 addresses. These applications will receive the full SIP or H.323 address information for incoming calls.
  • New Miscellaneous Features
    • New Answer Tone Delay, allows setting of the amount of time in milliseconds to wait before sending the answer tone.
  • New Samples
    • SpecificModemConnection to specify an exact modem modulation to use to connect.

    For more information on the Diva SDK, please visit Diva SDK

    For more information on the Diva software for Windows, please visit Diva software for Windows


    This is a released Product.


    This software is available free of charge. You may download it and use it with any appropriate Dialogic® Diva® Media Board or Dialogic® Software which you legally acquired.

    Note though that it is not public domain. Therefore, you must not redistribute, modify or reverse engineer it or use it otherwise than intended with Dialogic® Diva® Media Board or Dialogic® Software.


    This software comes in packages.

    Select the appropriate download from the following list:

    If you have problems:


Copyright © 2015 Dialogic® Corporation

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