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Release R111S019/R120S005 onwards , VEGA will have capability to tap DSP from VEGA GUI.

DSP Tap is useful to capture the audio traces receiving on DSP from TDM/POTS lines and is help to debug any voice related issues


  • DSP TAP should and must only be taken when it is really required and we want to debug voice issue on TDM/POTS port in order to capture audio packets getting received from POTS/TDM end.
  • It is always advice to take DSP TAP when there is low traffic on VEGA and once call is established/connected properly

Start DSP TAP Capture

In order to start dsp tap from VEGA GUI there are multiple steps involved  as provided below:

  1. As shown in below screen shot, User need to go to "DSP Capture" option as prevent with in "Reports" section
    i.e. GUI → Report→ DSP Capture as provided below:

  2. Now, user has to select the DSP channel on which call is present and DSP TAP has to be captured. Once the user selects the DSP channel on which TAP needs to be captured press start in order to start DSP TAP trace in that DSP channel.
    In below example user is trying to capture DSP TAP on dsp channel 1 where call is active:

    Once the DSP TAP is started on the user specified DSP channel, a pop-up windows showing the DSP status will appear on to the screen also, the DSP Capture Windows also provides intimation to user on which DSP port/channel Tap is running as shown below:

Stop DSP TAP Capture

In order to stop dsp tap from VEGA GUI there are multiple steps involved as provided below:

  1. As shown in below screen shot, User need to go to "DSP Capture" option as prevent with in "Reports" section
    i.e. GUI → Report→ DSP Capture which mainly provides user information regarding on which DSP channel/port DSP Tap is running as provided below:

  2. In order to stop DSP Tap trace just click on Stop button as present on the window as shown below:

    Once the DSP trace is stopped properly a pop-up windows will appear on to screen stating the DSP Tap trace has been stopped properly as shown below:


    User has to wait for around one minute in order to get DSP Stop process complete and once DSP Tap stop process is complete then only user should go ahead and disconnect the call.

Download DSP TAP Capture

Once DSP TAP trace is properly stopped. Now, DSP TAP trace is available for user to download the same as present on he DSP Capture Window

User has to click on Download DSP Trace Option as provided in DSP Capture Window in order to download the same as given below:

 Once the DSP Tap trace is downloaded please provide the same to sangoma support for further analysis.

Clear DSP TAP Capture

User can even clear DSP TAP trace captured on VEGA once user is done with it by clicking on the Trace Clear option as present within the DSP Capture Windows as shown below:

Once the DSP Tap is clear now User will not be able to get Download/Clear Trace Option until user again start the process of DSP TAP capture.

Important Information

Important Things to Remember while using DSP Trace

  1. User should and must use DSP TAP trace if and only if sangoma support has asked for the same
  2. User should and must start DSP TAP trace once the call is connected/establish i.e. both end are connected before that do not try to start DSP Tap trace.
  3. User should and must stop DSP TAP trace before disconnecting the call i.e. DSP TAP trace must be properly stopped and then user should disconnect the call.
  4. User should always try to take DSP Tap trace in presence of sangoma support .
  5. It is always advisable to clear the DSP TAP trace once user is down with the same.

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