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Performing a sip station SIPStation password reset is easily accomplished by logging on to your sipstation SIPStation account at

Before performing the SIPStation password reset, make sure that you have access to your PBX and have disabled your SIPStation trunks.

To disable your trunks, go to the Trunks module and edit each SIPStation trunk (you will see at least 2).

There you will find the option to disable your trunks.

After completing the steps below to enter a new key, remember to go back to the trunks module and confirm they are no longer disabled.




once logged on click on My Account


this opens a page called my services , click on Account Configuration Trunk Groups

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finally  finally from the account configuration tab select Reset SIP Password



Once the above steps have been taken copy the new FreePBX Module Keycode and proceed to your PBX 

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 From your PBX navigate to the Sipstation SIPStation module


one once in the sipstation SIPStation module select remove key