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  • For each voicemail we can see the following;
    • Date/Time- Date voicemail was leftTime- Time /Time voicemail was left
    • CID- Caller ID of who left the voicemail if supplied
    • Mailbox- Extension number where voicemail was left
    • LengthPlayback - Ability to playback the recording in the browser
    • Duration- Length in Mins and Seconds of the message
    • Controls- For each message we can choose any of the following Controls
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Click this icon to have the voicemail call your phone and immediately playback
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Forward this voicemail to another mailbox
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Download the voicemail message onto your computer
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Delete the voicemail message from the system.


  • On the left side are a list of folders that voicemails can be moved to.  Clicking on any folder will bring up the voicemails inside that folder. These are standard folder from Asterisk that can not be changed