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Download and Install Free Version of SimpleAuthority ( :

We will use Windows Version here:


Select:  >Tools > Export > CA certificate like here:

Select “pem” format:

For this exercise we are saving this certificate with the name ”CA Certificate Demo.pem”

Now, we will create a new file named “Server Certificate.pem” by Merging the recently created certificate and the private key we generated using SBC CLI.


It will look like this (fuzzy on purpose):

Will result on this:


At this point you are ready to load certificates in your SBC


Load “CA Certificate Demo.pem” in the CA Section and “Server Certificate.pem” in the Server Section.


Don’t forget to assign the Server Certificate in the SIP Profile associated to TLS:


Now you are ready to accept upper registrations from endpoints using TLS and the SBC will convert to standard SIP to your IPPBX.


Any questions send me an email: [email protected]