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  • Service Status - This verifies that the back end servers are reachable by this device. If this is not 'OK' for more than a few seconds, please contact support, as there may be an issue with your internet connection. Note that faxes will be held locally (and remotely) until the network connection issues are resolved.
  • Management Status - This monitors the internal management infrastructure. If this is 'Down' there may be a problem with your internet connection. Support personnel may not be able to help troubleshoot your CPE device if the state is not 'OK'. The most common issue is a firewall blocking UDP/4332 - UDP/4339 egress traffic (with stateful return).
  • Last Successful Check - This is the last time the CPE reached out to the fax back end servers for check-in/keepalive/provisioning.
  • Outbound Faxes Queued - This is the number of faxes that are queued up on the CPE to be delivered to the fax service. Depending on load, network speed, and number of pages, it may take several minutes to deliver a fax.