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The High Availability component provides the ability to join two SBC Servers in a an Active/Passive cluster with automatic migration of service in case of a hardware or network failure.  Also, allowing the system administrator to configure both servers as the primary one and copy the configuration to the secondary server with a single command.  During the migration process, established calls drop and no new calls are processed.  The migration period is very quick, typically lasting only 10-15 seconds.


  1. Select the Physical Ethernet Interface, any Interface that is assigned to be the "heartbeat" interface.
  2. IPv4 or IPv6 type
  3. Enter the Non-conflicting IP Address and Mask of the Primary Dedicated Network Interface - it is helpful to keep the network scope small since there are only two IPs in use.



It is recommended to use IP address from private IP address range for dedicated network in case of direct cable connection between primary and secondary SBC. to to to

Configure Default Gateway and DNS Servers