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Examples of valid URIs, showing the URL with port would be:


http://HTTP Username:HTTP Password@FQDN:8384

https://HTTP(s) Username:HTTP(s)@FQDN:1443


Note: http username & password could found in System Admin > Provisioning Protocols

FQDN: It is the external IP Address of the PBX(that phones will connect to when not local to the PBX) or make sure that your DNS Server resolves your FQDN to the correct IP Address

After the phone powers on and retrieves an IP Address from the DHCP server, 'Option 66' will send the location details of the FreePBX server, which is recognized by the phone. 


Logging in with your Phone

Now that we have told our phone how to reach the PBX using a redirect server and we have verified that End Point Manager is setup in our PBX and our users have permissions for Phone Apps we will now log our phone into the PBX.

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Phone Login
Phone Login

Managing Phone Apps

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Phone App Configuration
Phone App Configuration