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  • Go to End Point Manager module on your PBX
  • Click on the Extension Mapping Section
  • Click on the edit button  next to each extension that you want to enable for VPN
  • Pick the VPN Client that this extension should use.

  • Apply the Save, Rebuild and Update Device option 
  • The phone will need to be able to reach the PBX direct to receive its configuration files and VPN information.  Once it has the information and the phone is rebooted it should use the VPN for all future communications with the PBX for SIP and Phone Apps only.  The only thing the phone will communicate with the PBX NOT on the VPN is listed below, as it will still use the IP address you have setup in your template for your phones in EPM as the VPN on the phone is started after it checks for the following information.
    • Configuration File updates
    • Firmware Updates
    • VPN Cert Updates

Other Details

Supported data channel ciphers include:

  • BF-CBC
  • AES-128-CBC