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  • Go into End Point Manager in your PBX and choose the Sangoma brand in the menu.

  • Click on the name of the template to edit.

  • Click on the Options menu tab at the top

  • For the Screen Saver option, click the button for the type of screen saver you want to be displayed. (Dark blue background = selected.) 

    • Time and Logo- Shows the current date & time moving around the screen.

    • Default Photo- Will show the default included screen saver.

    • Custom Photo- Allows you to select a custom image to use as a screen saver. When you select the Custom Photo button, the Screen Saver Image drop-down menu appears below, with a list of custom images that have been uploaded. Select an image from this menu. To upload new images, visit the Upload Image Management section of End Point Manager. Images must be a GIF, JPEG, or PNG file no greater than 256KB.  section below.

  • For Screen Saver Timeout, pick how long the phone should wait in an idle state before the screen saver is turned on. (Dark blue background = selected.) The options are 1, 2, 5, 10, or 30 Minutes. To disable the screen saver, choose Screen Saver Off.

  • You now need to update the phone configuration file. The three options at the bottom of the template are:

    • Save Template- This will only save your changes into the PBX database. It will not write out new config files for the phones that are using this template as mapped in the Extension Mapping section of End Point Manager.
    • and Rebuild Configs- This will save your changes to the PBX Database and will also write out new config files for the phones that are using this template as mapped in the Extension Mapping section of End Point Manager. The phones will need to be rebooted in order to retrieve the changes.
    • and Force Update- This will do both the "Save Template" and the "and Rebuild Configs" options above, and it will also immediately update any phones that are mapped to use this template and currently registered to the PBX, with no need to reboot the phones.


Uploading an Image


  • Navigate to the Image Management section found in the right-hand navigation menu in End Point Manager.
     Image Added

  • Click on the Add Image button.
    Image Added 
  • Click on the Choose file button.
     Image Added

  • Pick which file you want to upload.



Pictures must be a GIF, JPEG, or PNG image file no greater than 256KB. Optimal resolutions are 480x272 for the S700 and 480x320 for the S500. 


 Image Added


  • Click on the Upload Image button to save the image.
    Image Added
  • To view or delete your uploaded images, click on the List Images button.
    Image Added 
  • From here, you can click on the image name to view the image or the trash icon Image Added under Action to delete it.
    Image Added 


  • You can upload as many images as you want, and each template in EPM can use a different image or the same image.