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  1. To start the Sangoma driver, which also starts your Sangoma card(s) run the following command on your Linux command line:
    -> wanrouter start 


    Sangoma card control commands start with 'wanrouter'


    Immediately after running this command, you will see on-screen output of all the ports (i.e. wanpipe1, wanpipe2..etc) starting on your card.
    You will
     will also see your ports plugging into the DAHDI signaling layer.
    If you  you see errors occurring, investigate the /var/log/messages file.


  2. Configuring the DAHDI Module
    After your Sangoma card has started and is plugged into DAHDI, you will need to configure DAHDI by typing the following command on your Linux command line:

    -> dahdi_cfg 



     You do not need to run 'dahdi_cfg' if you have selected YES during the Wanpipe driver installation process (or when using the 'wancfg_dahdi' configuration script. In this case the 'wanrouter start' command will take care of doing this automatically


  3. Start Asterisk by typing the following command in your Linux command line
    -> asterisk

  4. Log into your Asterisk CLI and run some basic commands to verify your system is functioning properly.
    Type the following in your Linux command Line:
    -> asterisk -rvvvvvvvvvv       (each 'v' adds verbosity to what you see when logged in to the CLI)
    1. Type the following CLI command to verify all your channels (dahdi channels) are loaded into asterisk:
      -> dahdi show channels


      If you do not see any of your channels after typing the above command, verify chan_dahdi is loaded by typing the following command inside the Asterisk CLI:
      -> module load

      If there is an error message while trying to load, visit /var/log/asterisk/messages, or /var/log/asterisk/full for the reason. 

  5. For PRI/BRI cards only, run the following command to check the status of your pri/bri spans:
    -> pri show spans