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titleThis wiki has been updated for Version 13 of your PBX GUI

What is the Set CallerID


module used for?

The Set CallerID module is a simple and effective way to manipulate callerID to help identify who is calling, use the proper greeting for a caller, give priority or even handle calls from multiple companies. The module allows you to change the callerID of a call and then continue on to the desired destination.

How is the


Set CallerID module related to the other



 This This module is a pass-through module and will affect anything down stream of it downstream that uses caller ID.


This module is related to any module that can select a destination, because Set CallerID can be used as a destination. This module is also related to any module that can be used as a destination, because this module requires a destination to be set.

How do I get to the Set CallerID module?

  • Log in to the FreePBX PBX UI.
  • On the top menu click Applications
  • In the drop down click Set CallerID