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titleThis wiki has been updated for version 13 of your PBX GUI.

What is the


CallerID Lookup Sources Module used for?

A Lookup Source lets you specify a source for resolving numeric caller IDs of incoming calls to names. You can then link an inbound route to a specific CID source. You can also install the Phonebook module to have a small number to name association.

How is


the CallerID Lookup Sources Module related to the other Modules?

Once your lookup source is setup set u,p it can be used by "Inbound Routes" to modify the name field that displays on your phones phone's caller ID display.

How Do I Get to


the CallerID Lookup Sources Module?

  • Log in to the FreePBX PBX UI.
  • On the top menu click Admin
  • In the drop down click CallerID Lookup Sources

Once your source is created, it can be used by when creating or editing an inbound route.