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  • On the right side we can see a list of all call groups that have been created.  Click on “Add a Call Group” to create a new one or click on any call group to edit the settings.
    • Call Group Name- Give the call group a name such as “sample."

    • Import Numbers from CSV- You can optionally choose to upload a list of names and numbers from CSV at creation time.

    • Save- Press “Save” after picking a CSV to import or if you would rather enter the name and numbers manually you can skip to the Upload CSV step.

  • Once we save a call group we will be presented with a new screen. From here you can export your list, add entries manually or import additional lists from CSV to be added to this call group.
    • Add Entries- You can manually add name and phone numbers to this call group. Make sure you press the “Add Entry” button to add each manual entry.

    • Import CSV- You can use the import CSV feature to import a new list of names and numbers.

  • Make sure to press the “Save” button at the bottom when done making changes.

  • You can optionally set a URL to have the system use FTP or HTTP to retrieve a list.
    • URL Source- The FTP or URL link to your file.  Format would be ""
    • Delete after Retrieving-After pulling down the list should we delete the list file from the FTP or HTTP directory? If the server is unable to delete the file, the import is not processed. This option is ignored when using HTTP to retrieve files.
    • Update Period- How often should we look for a new file and pull it down in seconds