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I would like to try your service. How do I get started with SIPStation?

We now offer a SIPStation Free Trial that allows FreePBX users to explore the many features of SIPStation free for 21 days, without a credit card or further obligation. Take SIPStation for a test drive and discover why this award-winning service is used by thousands of customer customers every day. Visit our Free Trial Setup wiki to learn how to sign up for a Free Trial.

If you are not using our Free Trial program, you will need to create an account or log into your an existing account at the FreePBX/the SIPStation Store. You  You will need to purchase at least one trunk along with as many phone numbers (DIDs) as you require. Each trunk will allow one simultaneous outbound or inbound call.  Please see this wiki on how to create a account and order serviceSee our wiki "Creating a SIPStation Account" for details on setting up a new account.

How quickly will my service be set up once I purchase it?

If you have an existing service: New Trunks or DIDs are active within 60 seconds of purchase.

If you are signing up for a new account: Most service is active within 60 seconds of purchase. If your account gets flagged for more verification to help fight fraud, it may take a few hours before service is active. Note: You will need to complete our account verification process in order to fully unlock all available features of a new account.

How do I add or remove




and DIDs?

You can add and remove trunks and DIDs and Call Paths on your account at any time by logging into the FreePBX/SIPStation Store at SIPStation Store.

Adding call paths and trunks:  Please see this wiki on Adding Services or DIDs to Your Existing Account

Removing call paths and trunks: Please see this wiki on Removing Services or DIDs from Your Existing Account

How do I update my credit card information in my account?

Once logged into the FreePBX/ SIPStation Store, click on the Billing tab on in the navigation bar. You can adjust your credit card information there.  For step-by-step instructions you can view our wiki on Updating a Credit Card or Adding a New One.

How do I cancel all of my SIPStation services for one or more locations?

You can cancel one or more of your SIPStation account locations at any time after obtaining the SIPStation service - , without any hassles. It's completely automated. Just log into the SIPStation Store and click on the Customer Service tab. Near the bottom, click on the navigation bar in the FreePBX/SIPStation Store  and click "Cancel Account." Your cancellation will be processed immediately.  This will cancel all your services and DIDs with us and cannot be reversed once completed.  For step-by-step instructions you can view our wiki on How to Close Your Account.


"Cancel one or more Locations Link" and follow the instructions.
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How do metered service features work?

Some of our additional features like Toll Free, International and Outbound faxing work based upon a metered service in which you are billed for usage.  Please review this wiki on how the Metered Service system works.SIPStation features are prepaid metered services that incur per-minute charges for usage. These features include toll-free calling, international calling, outbound faxing, softcap bursting, and concurrency bursting. You prepay for these services using via our Top Up feature, and usage charges are withdrawn from your reserve account. For complete information on how this works, please visit our "How Metered Services Work" wiki.