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After you register your system and purchase a commercial module from the Portal Store, you just need to do two basic things in order to get the new module up and running:


  1. Log into your PBX GUI.

  2. Go to Admin → System Admin.

  3. Depending on your version of the PBX GUI, click on either the License or Activation option on the right side of your screen.

  4. You should now see all modules that the deployment is licensed for. Verify that the license on your box shows all the commercial modules that you have purchased.  

  5. If you do not see your new item listed, simply press the Check, or Update License, or Update Activation button depending on what version of Sysadmin you have installed. The PBX should reach out to our license server and update your licenses.


     With some routers or firewalls, you may not see the license items get updated after a few seconds, and will need to press the button a second time.

  6. Check your list of registered modules again, and you should see the newly licensed modules.



NOTE: You may have to perform the following step in the linux shell (after verifying that the license is showing in the deployment information in the portal) to get licensed modules to show up in the GUI, as some PBX's cache the license file in apache. If you see this issue, run the following command from the linux shell:

Code Block
service httpd restart

How To Install Commercial Modules in FreePBX