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  1. Log into the Sangoma Portal at
  2. Once logged into the portal, select Customers → List All

  3. You should now see a list of all customers, including yourself and any customers that are below you as sub account.  You can only add and view credit card information for your own direct account for security reasons. None of you sub accounts will expose the credit card option.  Press the View button. 

  4. Click on the card tab at the top of the page when viewing or editing a customer.  From here you can see a list of all credit cards you have on file. You can choose to delete a credit card, add a new card, and set which credit card is the default card to be used for recurring charges.
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Adding a New Credit Card


Deleting A Credit Card

  1. Navigate to the credit card list as described earlier in this wiki.
  2. Click the Remove option to delete a card. 
    1. You can only remove your non default card.  Default card is what is used for recurring billing service that you opt in for such as support contract or module renewals.
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