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Within the portal, you can add 1 one or more credit cards that will be saved on file.  The advantage to storing a Credit Card credit card is at checkout you don't have to go through the headaches of entering all the Credit Card credit card and Billing billing information.  If you are setup set up for any type of recurring services, such as our Monthly Hosted service, you are required to have at least one valid Credit Card saved credit card on file with us and set that Credit Card as the default card we should use for recurring charges such as our Monthly Hosted serviceas a "default" credit card.

For security reasons, we do not actually store your credit card.  All information has is passed to the Credit Card Gateway credit card gateway such as Paypal PayPal or, and they store all the information.  They give us a unique token ID that we use each time we want to make a charge on your Credit Cardcredit card.  

titleStoring Credit Cards

You can save your credit card to your Portal account by using the process below, or when completing a transaction in the Store with a credit card you . You will have the option to save your card at that time as wella card when completing a transaction in the store. Instructions for purchasing items in the store can be found on this page: How to Purchase Commercial Modules.

Accessing the Credit Card Section for Management

  1. Log into the Sangoma Portal at
  2. Once logged into the portal Select Customers>> , select Customers → List All
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  3. You should now see a list of all customers include , including yourself and any customers that are below you as sub account.  You can only Add add and View view credit card information for your own direct account for security reasons. None of you sub accounts will expose the Credit Card credit card option.
    Image RemovedClicking on the Credit Card Icon Image Removedon the far right side should bring up a screen like this to manage your Credit Cards.  From here we  Press the View button. Image Added
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  4. Click on the card tab at the top of the page when viewing or editing a customer.  From here you can see a list of all Credit Cards we credit cards you have on file and . You can choose to delete any Credit Card, Add a credit card, add a new Card card, and set which Credit Card credit card is the default Card card to be used for Recurring Chargesrecurring charges.
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Adding a New Credit Card

  1. Click the Add new credit card button.
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  2. If this is the first time adding a credit card, you will be prompted to enter your the credit card information, including the billing address on file with the financial institution. Type in your the information, including card number, name and expiration date.
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    Click theImage Removed button to fill in the back side of the card. Then enter your three digit CVV code from the back of the card.
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    NOTE: Note: the card type (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) will automatically appear as you enter your number. If the system detects an invalid credit card number, the number fields will be outlined in red and you will need to try again.
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  3. Next, enter your card security code.
    1. If paying by American Express, you will need to enter the four-digit code on the front of the card, as
    1. shown below.
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    2. For other types of cards, click theImage Added button to fill in the back side of the card. Then enter your three digit CVV code from the back of the card.
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  4. Enter in the Billing address associated with your credit card

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  5. Once you have entered your credit card you can optionally , click the box to save your credit card information for future purchases with us. Then click the Image RemovedImage Addedbutton.

Deleting A Credit Card


  1. From the main Credit Card screen as outlined above you can click the REMOVE option to Delete your Card. 
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  1. Navigate to the credit card list as described earlier in this wiki.
  2. Click the Remove option to delete a card. Image Added
    1. You can only remove your non default card.  Default card is what is used for recurring billing service that you opt in for such as support contract or module renewals.
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